Once upon a time…

…there was a young girl who went on a grand adventure.  Before she left, she vowed to herself that she would keep a daily account of her travels.  Unexpectedly, when she arrived at her destination, the Silver Fox demanded that she write two incredibly detailed and ridiculously long stories every day.  In addition, neither of these could include anything personal or emotional.  The young heroine was unsure as to whether or not she could complete such a task – stripped of everything human.  As she traveled day by day, she found that not only was this task possible, but she was led to the most wise sage.  How she loved this sage, and desired to sit at his feet and listen to him all day! But alas, she could not.  With an aching heart, she decided that the next best option would be to record everything she heard in a pink leather-bound journal.  Faced with so many tasks, in addition to the daily adventures and the new friends she made, the bella principessa found that she had sorely neglected her personal vow.  Thus it came about that one day, after many trials, she decided to reward herself by renewing that vow, and making good on her promise…

I’M NOT DEAD!! 😀 I just met this super cool princess who inspired me to catch up on my blog, so here I am!
Ok, so I haven’t really been THAT busy, but there’s just so much to do, and I don’t make the time to blog. Mia colpa.
I’m pretty sure it’s been about a MONTH since my last post…so I’m just going to give you highlights with a few pictures, cool? Cool.

So, Margaret decided that we needed to have a day.  But not just a day. The DAY of days.  And we talked about this day of days for days.  It became infamous, and even received an Italian title: il Giorno di Giorni.  Basically, we wanted to go do all the touristy stuff that we can’t do with Dr. Connell because of the lack of urbanitas that it entails when done by a group of college students 😀 I don’t have any good group pictures, but it was a super beautiful day, and really good for photos of architecture, so I just posted this one 😀 We went to the Colosseum, walked around some ruins, wandered near the forum, tried to find Mass, went to lunch, shopped on Via del Corso, walked, and walked, and walked, and then we ended in the Piazza del Popolo and asked the guys in blue shirts where they were from.  He said they were Chilean police, but Annie said his eyes said “I’m single.”

It was a super good day! We even made it to the Trevi fountain…but to be completely honest, I’m not sure why it’s so famous.  It’s a bit anticlimactic, in my (spoiled) opinion.

Dr. Connell is super cool.  I probably couldn’t say enough great things about him 😀 One of the most awesome things is that he takes off on some Saturdays and takes us on trips to places that we need to see while we’re in Italy!  Ostia Antica was absolutely beautiful and amazing.  Another perfect day.  The ruins are surprisingly intact, and it was amazing to wander and contemplate what the busy port city was like when St. Monica was there.  The Romans were seriously ingenious.  And a bit extravagant, but it’s pretty awesome to see it.  Like the baths at Ostia: they were basically like free public saunas, with multiple parts, running water, and kept warm constantly by slaves working underground.  A healthy mind in a healthy body!

Also, after Ostia, we continued on the metro to the BEACH! I jumped into the Mediterranean fully clothed, thanks to a dear friend of mine, and I don’t regret it in the least 😀

Wow. My next set of pictures I uploaded has a ton of places.  Most of them are random churches from tour, so I won’t post those, unless they’re super awesome 😀

The trip to Orvieto deserves at least two pictures.  It was another really cute one that Dr. Connell took us on.  The basilica was amazingly beautiful and there was a group from America on pilgrimage there, so we got to stop for Mass! It was wonderful.  And seeing the Eucharistic Miracle there was super awesome, too.  Jesus is so good to us – we don’t even need to believe without seeing! He understands how tangible and carnal we are as humans, and in sublime humility, He stoops to us, because He loves us that much.

There were also TONS of cats there while we ate lunch.  I got kind of super excited. And took a lot of pictures 😀

I think that the next momentous event was the infamous “Bonding Weekend,” but this is taking longer than I thought, so I’m just going to write a separate post about that weekend and beyond, but I just wanted to say that this has been so wonderful, and everything that happens is a new adventure! There are so many opportunities here, and 3 months is so short! It’s only going to get busier from here on out, but if I keep my posts short, I should be able to keep up 😀

Pax et Bonum!


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