new friends and perverse old men

This one’s really the Cliffs of Insanity

Annie has inspired me to be daring.

Today was a long, packed, and fulfilling day! We left the absolutely beautiful hospitality of the Sinnott’s on a 5:45 taxi, caught a bus to Galway, then began our tour….guided by the infamous Desmond Murray.  I wish I had a short, snarky line to describe him accurately, but at this hour, and with only a few hours of sleep under my belt, nothing will quite do him justice.  I’m sure Margaret could give you a good description 🙂
The tour was absolutely amazing – this country is BEAUTIFUL! I’m falling in love with so many things regarding the culture, countryside, weather, food, people, etc. 😀
I had a wonderful conversation with Brigid last night about behavior, health, drugs – all those things Catie and I love to get worked up about.  It was so grand and enjoyable.
On the tour, we met two new friends, Mark and Sue, and we all had an absolute blast together! Plus, Mark had an Austrailian accent, and that was super cool 😀 But we just enjoyed being those obnoxious, loud, laughing Americans and loving every minute.
I agree with Annie that I could have spent 5 hours at the Cliffs of Moher – it was so beautiful, breathtaking, peaceful, and amazing.  I kept taking pictures in an effort to accurately capture the awesome wonder, but eventually gave up and realized that I would be better off taking only a few pictures and enjoying seeing the rest in person.  There is just some element of nature that a picture can never capture.
Something very beautiful about this whole time together is that we all get to know each other so well, have an awesome time, and make adventures – we will always share these memories! I am blessed to have such good, hilarious, loving, spontaneous friends.
As always, God is so good!

Hopefully, we’ll get to hike Craoghpatrick tomorrow and make a pilgrimage! It would be amazing and beautiful!
This is potentially one of the cutest places I’ve stayed! Snoozles hostel – does it get much more awesome than that??